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Snickers, a 10 week old, female, intact kitten, who was born on Valentine’s Day 2018, presented to our clinic on April 26th, 2018 for repair of a fracture of her left femur. Her fracture was a slip of her lower growth plate or technically called a distal femoral physis Salter Harris (type one) fracture. (See image below)

Snickers was placed under anesthesia and exposure of her left knee or stifle was performed surgically. Snickers fracture of her lower femur was replaced to an anatomically normal position using 2 small Steiman pins crisscrossing to create rotational and linear stability to her femur. (See images below).

She was sent home with the appropriate antibiotics and pain management. She was rechecked on May 10th, 2018 and had her sutures removed. At that time, she was running around and doing great!