Cat Corner

Silver Maple Veterinary Clinic’s Feline Wellness Program

Whether an independent soul or your constant companion, your feline friend needs good care to thrive. Appearing as normal as possible is an important way to stay safe when you’re a cat! Your kitty is skilled at hiding any clues that he’s feeling bad or stressed. The most important point of a check-up is to help your cat to stay feeling as good as possible, especially by looking for clues about sources of illness and pain. We often find red flags with conditions such as dental disease or ongoing tummy trouble. The physical exam and questions about home life at your cat’s checkup is a time for us to try to look for those subtle indications that tell us how your cat really is–and if they are hiding anything. Each stage of a cat’s life has a certain set of problems that could occur. Finding and diagnosing medical issues early can really help us to treat and manage these issues–or better yet, head them off entirely.  

Our Feline Wellness Program is designed with you, the cat owner, in mind. Often times we hear things like, “My cat doesn’t need a check-up because he never goes outside,” or “My cat doesn’t need a check-up because he doesn’t act sick.” The truth is, dental disease, gastrointestinal disorders, arthritis, and aging changes don’t care if a cat is inside or out. Our wellness program is about educating owners about the preventatives and veterinary care your cat needs, with a focus on your cat’s age, lifestyle, and breed. 

Cats are very special to us and we want to provide the easiest, best practices, and pass them on to you!