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Orthopedic Surgery

Silver Maple Veterinary Clinic is particularly proud of the range of orthopedics we provide for our clients and the community. With many years of experience and training, Dr. Sam Yoder and Dr. Mary Coughlin are committed to working to improve the lives of those pets with broken bones, ligament tears, invasive cancers and Degenerative joint disease. We not only fix those injuries but support your pet through recovery with a range of joint injections and supplements and recoup with our new rehabilitation center. We are happy to accept referrals from clinics in the area who are not equipped to provide these services.

Orthopedic Prodecures

Surgery Showcase

Interested in seeing some actual cases with stellar surgery results? The surgical cases showcased here are all procedures that we are very proud of. With a combined total of over 60 years of surgical experience, our veterinarians have been able to improve the lives of so many of our 4-legged friends.

Surgery Showcase