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Breed Specific Wellness Care For Dogs

Advances in canine genetics have provided us with the ability to track certain diseases by breed. The life span and health of your dog can vary based on their size and breed. All of our canine friends will receive a breed specific wellness check at his or her yearly check up. Our Breed Specific Wellness Program ensures that your dog is receiving the best individualized care possible!

Did You Know…

  • Purebred dogs and even mixed breeds suffer from illnesses specific to their breed(s)
  • Larger breeds are more vulnerable to hip dysplasia (the abnormal wearing of the joint), which can lead to osteoarthritis
  • Heart disease is common in certain breeds and can be fatal, but if caught early enough, it can also be managed with diet and medication
  • Cancer affects one out of every three dogs, but we can help to pinpoint if your dog is susceptible to certain types of cancer with breed-specific wellness
  • Large, deep-chested dogs are vulnerable to bloat, which occurs when air is swallowed, or when gas or fluid causes the dog’s stomach to swell dramatically; this is a serious and life-threatening illness that requires immediate attention, and is more likely to be spotted with breed-specific care.