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Rehabilitation Services

Post-Orthopedic Surgery

Canine physical rehabilitation is an important piece in the recovery of our canine patients following orthopedic surgeries. Canine rehabilitation creates an environment optimal for healing, allowing for a quicker and more successful recovery.

The following are some of the surgical procedures where canine rehab is recommended:

  1. Cranial cruciate repair
  2. Patella surgery
  3. FНО-femoral head osteotomy
  4. Fracture repairs

Arthritis & Pain Management

Just like with humans, as we age we begin to experience the painful symptoms of arthritis. As the joint begins to hurt, it becomes harder for our canine companions to use their legs resulting in muscle atrophy and increased pain. Exercise can increase circulation in the joints and strengthen the muscles which in turn will decrease pain and restore function. Our physical rehab programs provide low-impact exercises that will be more comfortable for the dog to get them started. We design exercises that strengthen the muscles used to continue to perform daily activities such as getting up and using stairs.

What We Do

Our individualized programs may include:

  • Hydrotherapy (water treadmill)
  • Balance exercise
  • Walking retraining
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Stretching
  • Home exercise plans

Other Individualized Treatments May Include:

About Our Rehab Team

Dr. Sara Pomanti, DVM

Dr. Sara Pomanti was first exposed to canine rehabilitation during an externship in her initial year of veterinary school. She was amazed to see what work could be done with difficult post-op cases and “just old age.” After completing her Rehabilitation classes through the University of Tennessee, Dr. Pomanti seeks to offer more options for ailing elderly patients and easier recovery for orthopedic surgery cases.