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Skin Grafts Case 3

By Dr. Samuel Yoder

WARNING: Graphic Surgery Images Follow!

This is a 1 year-old male, neutered German Shepherd who was seen by Dr. Yoder due to an inflamed sore: a swollen metacarpal pad, which is the large pad on the bottom of the foot. This dog also was found to have calcinosis circumscripta. This disease needs to be surgically removed because of its continuous progression and lack of skin for coverage on the foot.

The Inflamed Paw Prior to Surgery:

In this case, Dr. Yoder performed a digital pad transfer; this involves the removal of three bones in the toe, and the transfer of that toe’s pad to replace the removal of the metacarpal pad where the growth was removed.

Representation of a Digital Pad Transfer:

This is an image of the paw right after surgery, taken from the side of the foot. The bones have been removed from the toe, and the toe’s pad has been transferred to the large metacarpal pad where the growth was removed.

Success! This is the pad 1 month post-surgery: