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Our Receptionists

Our Staff Makes The Difference

Bethanne Kushner

Bethanne Kushner, head receptionist, was recommended to Silver Maple by her sister, Jaime, and has been here for nine years. She has a knack for finding charts that go missing, and is known around the office as the “chart ninja.” Bethanne is passionate about providing excellent customer care; one thing she enjoys most about working at SMVC is that our staff thinks of our clients as not just customers—we get to know them and really value the relationships we form with them and their pets. When she’s not working, Bethanne can be found spending time with her husband and son. Fun Fact: Prior to working at Silver Maple, she was a hairdresser, having never previously had an office job or a job with animals.

Karla Xander

Karla Xander, dedicated Receptionist at Silver Maple Veterinary Clinic, has always been drawn to animals since childhood, where her household was never short of furry companions. With a profound love for animals deeply ingrained in her, Karla’s decision to embark on a career in the veterinary industry was a natural progression of her passions. For Karla, the joy of working with animals stems from the simple yet profound connection they offer; their unconditional love and desire for affection resonate deeply with her, making every day in the clinic a rewarding experience.

Karla knew she had found her true calling in the veterinary profession when her work seamlessly blended with her love for animals, transcending the realm of mere employment to feel like a second home. The bustling clinic atmosphere, coupled with the comforting presence of animals, became her sanctuary. Whether it was a busy day or a quiet moment, Karla found solace in the company of her beloved patients and the unique experiences they brought. Beyond her professional life, Karla’s world revolves around her family and her extensive menagerie of pets. With decades of marriage to her husband Daniel and a large, loving family, Karla finds fulfillment in nurturing bonds and creating lasting memories. When not tending to her pets or assisting clients at the clinic, Karla finds solace in gardening and cherishes moments spent with loved ones, embodying a life deeply enriched by her passions and connections.