Our House Cats


Cheeto is our resident loverboy. Though he isn’t out in the lobby all the time, when he is, it’s often because he senses a pet in need. He likes to lie by dogs and cats who aren’t feeling too great and help to calm them. Cheeto is a lone ranger who wanders the clinic, looking for head rubs, but when he’s worn out, he’ll take a break by any window, under the bench in the lobby, or in the pharmacy.


Sausage is our majestic pretty boy. As the youngest of our cats, he enjoys making mischief by sneaking food whenever he can, and jumping into every box he sees. If you see him, be sure to give him a purrrr! His favorite spots to sleep are all over the clinic: in the cat tree, on our retail shelves, and in the rawhide basket are just a few!


Tucker is our troublemaker! He often can be found blocking the receptionists’ computers and knocking things over; he looooves attention! If there’s food around, he’s right there! When he takes a break from making mischief, Tucker can be caught napping with his best bud Cheeto in the pharmacy area of our clinic.