COVID-19 Protocol as of March 2022

Mar 2022 | News

As of March 20th, 2022 our COVID procedure is as follows: any person entering the building will still be required to wear a mask. At this time, our exam rooms will be closed to clients. Our veterinarian and technician will consult with you and your 4-legged family member in our waiting area. Once we talk with you about your concerns, our veterinarian will examine your pet in an exam room and follow up with you upon completion. Please rest assured, your pets are in great hands and we pride ourselves in caring for them just as you would in the comfort of your own home!

Please understand that the measures we are taking are for the safety of our team and for you as well. Our hopes were to be fully open by now but with the recent information related to the new COVID variant BA.2, we feel it best to wait a little longer. We want you all to know that we hear you, we want you all back in the exam rooms just as much as you do but for now, we will continue operating with these restrictions. Our team is working very hard to accommodate everyone’s needs; please be courteous to them as they are to you.