The Mooch Fund Mobile Outreach Unit Is Here!

Jun 2021 | News

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As many of you know, Silver Maple Veterinary Clinic established a non-profit organization in 2009 as a mechanism to help veterinary patients in need. The Mooch Fund was named after our beloved clinic cat, Mooch. Until now, The Mooch Fund has been sustained by regular fundraisers held by our veterinary clinic team. We have done rabies clinics, pet pictures with Santa, candle sales, holiday wreathes, candy bar sales, bake sales, and amazingly, donations from our awesome clients. With these fundraisers, we have been able to better the lives of so many pets in our community. You can see some of the pets we’ve helped on our website,

Prior to Covid, we decided to create a plan to take the Mooch Fund to the next level. Our plan included purchasing a mobile veterinary outreach unit to expand our services to provide care to our neighboring communities in need. With the help of some donors, including Drs. Sam and Annemarie Yoder, we have been able to purchase a mobile hospital and are looking forward to beginning our mission. With this unit, we intend to travel to areas in need of spaying and neutering colonies of cats including farms with barn cats, homes with dogs that have difficulty traveling to a facility for spaying and neutering, and vaccination clinics throughout the surrounding areas to promote the importance of immunizations. We intend to also partner with local rescues and shelters in need of veterinary care. The need for veterinary care is great and we look forward to sharing our expertise with people and pets who need it! On Saturday July 17th, Mooch’s Mobile Outreach Unit will be here from 2 pm- 5 pm to tour and give you the ability to hear a little bit about our cause. We hope to see you there! Check out our enclosed invite for details.

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